Monthly Archives: October, 2012

If it makes you happy…

So much about exercise conjures up images of thin, fit and happy people doing thin, fit and happy things. But how does exercise make you feel?  When I exercise I feel: sweaty elated accomplished strong breathless warm sexy energized How do YOU feel when you exercise? Source: via AgeFit on Pinterest

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Out of the Dark

My goal here is to give some insight into how a fitness program for seniors encompasses more than just muscles and bones. I may use clients as examples but names will always be changed. Jane (not her real name) Age: 94 Current Basic Status: Cardiovascular issues, arthritis, neuropathy, legally blind, hearing aids, uses a walker, …

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Welcome to AgeFit!

My intention behind this blog is to create awareness and open discussion for senior fitness in both an institutional and home setting. ¬†First, much senior fitness looks like rehabilitation treatment or physical therapy simply because so many seniors, particularly frail seniors, are unfortunately introduced to fitness after a medical trauma like a serious fall, a …

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