Welcome to AgeFit!

My intention behind this blog is to create awareness and open discussion for senior fitness in both an institutional and home setting.  First, much senior fitness looks like rehabilitation treatment or physical therapy simply because so many seniors, particularly frail seniors, are unfortunately introduced to fitness after a medical trauma like a serious fall, a stroke or lengthy hospitalization. I am not a physical therapist, nor am I a nurse; I am a personal trainer with a passion for working with older adults. I dedicated my Master’s degree work on the development of comprehensive fitness programs and the research of aging anatomy and physiology.

My name is Corinne. I have worked in Elder Care for four years as a home care agency administrator, a homecare companion and a personal trainer. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Film Production from Boston University (I was a creative producer for a local news station in my former life) and a Master’s Degree in Gerontology from UMass Boston. I am an experienced fitness trainer and am in the process of being certified by the American Senior Fitness Association. I am currently the Fitness Director at Scandinavian Living Center, an assisted living community in West Newton, MA. I am also a registered Yoga Teacher trained at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. In addition, I am mentored by Adam Poock, PT of The Ranks Academy.

The day I knew I truly loved my work was the first day I awoke from an intellectual dream about a particular client’s fitness program. An intellectual dream because I was actually trying to solve a problem that I’d had with this client’s program for a few weeks now and, upon waking, immediately went to my computer and started doing research on plyometrics and frail elderly.

My goal is to bring a fun, comprehensive fitness program to your loved one so that they may maintain their health and independence.

If you would like to learn more about in-home fitness training for seniors, you may contact me at corinne.bennett80@gmail.com.

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