Another Hip Exercise (So hip, man.)

Believe in the hype about the hip! An addendum to yesterday’s blog post:

Hip Abduction with a Band

This is a therapeutic and functional exercise that some runners out there might recognize especially if you have tightness in your Illiotibial Band. I use this exercise with all of my ambulatory clients in order to build strength in the gluteus medius.


1) Stand with feet together with a rubber band around your ankles; hold on to a stable surface with both hands or one hand (or no hands!!) depending on fitness level and ability.

2) Take weight in one foot and slightly lift the other foot off the ground; the lifted foot should remain off the ground for the entire exercise (this can be challenging for some seniors, so while I encourage them to keep the foot lifted, it’s okay if they put it on the ground after each rep especially if they are at the beginning of their training program or if they are recovering from an injury).

3) Kick out to the side with the lifted foot keeping both feet parallel. A lot of seniors have a tendency to externally rotate the hip during this exercise which causes the active toe to point out. I might tell a client to “lead with your heel” or “keep your feet parallel to the best of your ability.” To better target the glut. med. the active foot should be slightly behind the standing foot.

4) Repeat action for 2 sets of 8-15 repetitions on both sides of the body as tolerated.

**for particularly frail seniors or those just getting started, I may not even use a band around the ankles.

**an alternative to the band can be light ankle weights.

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