3 things people do wrong when performing a SQUAT.

Thanks to “Girl With Muscle” for sharing her thoughts on SQUATS! Also she lists a great leg workout for those of you who find squats difficult or painful. I had to share this with all of you!

girl with muscle

1) Heels lift off the floor.

A common mistake in technique when squatting is your heels lifting off the floor. Squatting does not come naturally to some which find it hard to keep their feet planted on the floor. Is is very important to keep your feet planted to achieve a greater usage from your muscles when squatting. It is also very important as it helps to keep balance and helps to engage your core muscles.
With my clients that have this problem I use step boxes placed further behind them and ask them to try and bring their glutes to sit onto step boxes without moving their feet. This causes them to push further out with their hips which is usually the problem and the issue usually gets resolved.
However, if you still find it difficult to squat with your feet planted then this exercise does not agree with…

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