Fitness Infographics on Pinterest

Who doesn’t love the infographic? A fun pictoral representation of data and information that can be quickly absorbed and shared. The ubiquitous infographic appears everywhere from your Facebook feed to Pinterest boards to Fark to Cracked to your email inbox.

When I peruse PInterest I find tons of at-home workout infographics, many of which I have tried like the Weekly Core Challenge or this little gem that I haven’t tried yet but looks pretty bad-ass:



Here’s a link to a workout that I just tried and I definitely worked up a sweat.


I have a couple of questions that I have yet to delve deeply into myself… where do these people get their content? Bootcamp? CrossFit? Their trainers? Magazines? 

Well, in some ways I’ve answered my own question by trying and sharing these workouts. I find this stuff in the blogosphere, Pinterest, magazines, twitter, academic research, discussions with colleagues and my own experiences as a trainer.

Follow me on Pinterest and see more at-home work outs, learn about Senior Fitness and maybe find some tasty vittles to share. You might also learn somethings about me aside from what’s posted here!

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