Happy First Day of Winter!

Or Mayan Apocalypse Day or 4 Days until Christmas or whatever you want to call it. 

Since this December has been pretty busy for family, work and video gaming shenannigans (yes, video games are another one of my passions) I’ve been off the blogisphere grid for a while. In the world of senior fitness, I’ve been studying to for CPT certificate through NASM which has a foundation in balance and stability training that I find compelling. Also, I’ve been working more hours at the Scandinavian Living/Cultural Center, now our Fitness Room is open M, W, F from 8am-2pm for all residents! I’m really excited about this as it gives me the flexibility to grow the fitness program more and give residents more time in the fitness center. I am the featured staff member in the SLC Annual Newsletter.

Here is some information that I’ve come across that I’d like to share with everyone regarding core stability training. This post from Mike Reinhold (he works with the Boston Red Sox) I enjoyed because of the wall modification of the plank/rotary plank. I’ve started using the basic wall plank with some of my clients already and am excited to see what results from this training. 

Another piece of useful information is this core training program from Princeton University. In a recent post I noted that one of my hips drops to the left when I do a standard plank. I noticed that this is the case when I do Bird-Dogs and Single-Leg Deadlifts.

My assumption here is that 1) My proprioception is off… meaning when I lift my leg in the bird dog I feel like my back and hips are flat, but when I spot myself in a mirror, I see that they are not so in order for my hips to be level, my leg needs to be lower than I actually think it needs to be. 2) The rotary stabilizers in my core are deconditioned and also the stabilizers in my right hip are weak (this also loops in to proprioception). Soooooo now I know where to start.

More on this later and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!



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