Happy New Year!!

Yes, I know we’re already a week into 2013 and here I am already behind the times! Well, thanks a lot, you Negative Nancy, for spinning it that way! See, I’m the kind of person who generally doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions on the first day of the year but I usually way a couple of weeks to see who January shakes out before I commit to anything, so, by that logic, wishing everyone a happy new year a week late is really on time…right?

Okay, anyway, so it’s 2013 and this year I actually can’t wait until February to make my resolutions because this is going to be a BIG HUGE YEAR with LOTS OF STUFF TO DO! First, here’s a recap of 2012:

I finished my Master’s degree which I did in just under a year and a half. I got promoted to Fitness Director at Scandinavian Living Center and consequently got the hours of the fitness center extended so I can see more clients. In March I was dealing with chronic sciatica and lower back pain which I still deal with but it’s not nearly as bad because I put the rehab work in and am now on my way to a solid fitness program for myself. I put on 25 lbs. And I got engaged.

For 2013:

1) I’m getting married in September so I’ll be working on that project for the next 9 months.

2) I’m in the process of updating my personal training certificate which is proving to be a lot more research and I’m excited to learn more!

3) I have loads to do in the fitness center including developing more cohesive fitness programs, purchasing new equipment and sharing an in-service presentation with the SLC staff.

4) I am seeking more clients who are looking to extend their rehabilitative work beyond what Medicare/Medicare Supplemental insurance is willing to cover.

5) I am working to lose the weight I put on after my back injury… yes, I am trying to do this before my wedding, but that’s mainly a benchmark for me. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds of fantastic bloat and water weight. I’m tracking what I eat via pictures on Pinterest and will be logging my progress with my weight loss and strength gains. (I’ll come out with my weight now… I’m 185 lbs…).

6) I also plan to update my blog weekly.

It looks like I have a solid list of goals and resolutions for this year and it’s only January 8th! This doesn’t include the resolutions that my future husband and I have made about our life, but, well, I don’t think it’s necessary to share EVERYTHING here :).

Thanks for reading and letting me voice my plans here. Next week’s article: Posterior Kinetic Chain. What is it? Why is it important for seniors (and everyone!) to train it? Some sample exercises too!

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