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Happy First Day of Winter!

Or Mayan Apocalypse Day or 4 Days until Christmas or whatever you want to call it.  Since this December has been pretty busy for family, work and video gaming shenannigans (yes, video games are another one of my passions) I’ve been off the blogisphere grid for a while. In the world of senior fitness, I’ve …

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Core Challenge Week 4

After I posted about the Weekly Core Challenge, I started doing the series on a weekly basis, normally on Tuesdays since I am not in the Fitness Center.  Two things have come up for me doing this series: 1) Last week, I did a WOD on Tuesday and the Weekly Core Challenge on Wednesday. As I was …

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Weekly Core Challenge

I opened a Pinterest Page recently and am sucked in to the world of witty aphorisms, colorful photos and quirky infographics. Much like this little beauty that I discovered. I tried this workout today just to see if I could do it. Not only did I do it, but I think I kicked it’s a**! …

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